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The Shack Revolution: The Juice Shack

Many months have passed, many apples have been juiced, and many tummies have been filled! We have seen many developments in Manning's Juice over the last few months, most noticably the use of our apple juice for 'The Juice Shack'. This was a great opportunity to take our juice to the people, going all over the country, to shows of all tastes! The Juice Shack uses Manning's Juice to create fresh and fruity, yummy and scrummy juices and juice cocktails to bring about a 'revolution' in beverages... hence The Juice Shack has been a great success.

The Juice Shack has also developed itself over the last few months, becoming a seperate 'brand' as such, thus creating The Shack Revolution, of which The Juice Shack is part of. This has literally revolutionised the beverage market in terms of changing the perception of fruit juices through making them FUN, FRESH, AND BRITISH!

It is by these principles that The Juice Shack lives by, which has made our juices so popular! 

Visit our Shack Revolution page: www.theshackrevolution.co.uk