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Red Devil Juice is Back

It has been a brilliant summer for us here in London with arrival of the new Juice Shack and now the arrival of all the new Apple Juices.


We have been working hard too produce more Red Devil than last year so we have some for everyone. Red Devil funnily enough, was introduced in 1975 by a lovely man called Hugh Ermen. It has orginated from the Discovery Apple which is also one of amazing Juices. Red Devil has an amazing red colour and also an mind blowing taste, making it one of our most loved juices.


If you are in London and want too come and try some of this amazing juice, then head down to one of our markets. These are as follows.

 Tuesdays - South Kensington 

Wednesdays - Swiss Cottage 

Thursdays - Bloomsbury 

Saturdays - Balham and Parliment Hill

Sundays - Marylebone and Queens Park


Much Love 


Mannings Team