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How They're Made

Here at Mannings Juice we take our juicing very seriously. Only hand picked and carefully selected fruit graces our scrumptious set of juices. So here's how we do it...

1. Picking, Collecting and Protecting

This is where the whole process begins, in the orchard. The apples and pears are handpicked from the trees and then carefully placed in large wooden bins. These bins protect the apples until they are ready to be juiced.

2. Waiting, Inspecting and Decision Making

How do we know when they are ready I hear you ask...simple. Get an apple, crush it with your hand and taste the juice that comes out. If we like it, we can juice it!

3. Crashing, Bashing and a good Smashing

To chop the fruit up we pass it through a mill. This is a fast and rotating set of blades that crash, bash and smash the fruit into a big dollop of juicy pulp

4. Pressing, Collecting and Settling

We then use a traditional rack and cloth press to extract the juice from the pulp. We build layers of pulp up using clothes to wrap the pulp and stop it from going everywhere. In between each pulp layer we place racks. This big tower of pulp is then put into a press which in turn uses 30 tonnes of pressure to squeeze all the juice from the pulp and into a collecting tray.

The gloriously fresh juice is then pumped into holding barrels where we add a smidgeon of Vitamin C. This Vit C stops the juice from going brown so it maintains its lovely natural colour. Don't worry the Vit C is entirely natural and does not affect the flavour one tiny bit. We then leave the juice in the barrel overnight to allow the flavours to mingle and the taste to intensify.

5. Capturing

The next day it is time to bottle. We fill each bottle using clever gadgets that ensure every bottle has got just the right amount of juice in. We then apply the caps and prepare the bottles for their snuggly hot bath time.

Each bottle is left in a hot bath at 72 degrees for 20 mins. This kills any bugs that maybe in the juice and then gives each bottle a drinking life of 18 months. Wowzers!

6. Enjoying!

There is no point in putting all this effort into making cracking juice if no one gets to enjoy it. So therefore get a nice cold bottle from the fridge, pull up a glass and enjoy a real good drink.


Thankyou for reading the Mannings way of juicing.