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New year….New juice

It's bloomin' 2015!! 

Firstly a big HELLO from 2015....

We're back to business here at Mannings Juice HQ.  Our Russet apple juice ran out just before Christmas so we need to juice some more... as I write this, James is collecting the apples from the cold store so they can be gently pressed before we bottle it up over the weekend. A lot of people ask us how we make the juice, so if you click here, we'll tell you how we make it so delicious. 

The Russet is the most amazing apple in our opinion because although it does not look anything like what the masses say an apple should look like, it has tonnes of flavour and guess what (??), in its apple form -  it's best served with some strong cheese....mmmmm! 

Mannings Russet apples


We're going to be at Queens Park and Marylebone farmers market every Sunday now so please do come and see us and taste all our flavours for yourself. The markets are 10am-2pm every Sunday, see you there! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch at any time...we do love a good chin wag. 

Yours fruitfully, 

Team MJ