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Mannings 'Box of Juice' is launched!

Juice, Juice, and more Juice!

Posted by Ed on October 24, 2013

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Last weekend saw the launch of our Mannings 'Box of Juice' scheme to the lovely people of Scotland at the BBC Good Food Show in Glasgow! This offered juice lovers the chance to have our juice delivered straight to their door... whilst still being competitive on price against the supermarket brands! There was great feedback from last weekend, along with some very enthusiastic customers who couldn't wait to put their name down! 

The scheme is very simple... our juice to you door! This involves you signing up (contact us for more details), and simply saying how much juice you want, and when you want it!

At the moment, the minimum order is 4 x 3 litre Boxes of Juice, which individually last for 12 months when unopened, and 10 days when opened and stored in the fridge. This scheme is suitable for juice lovers, families, and for people who like to add a bit of flavour to some of their crumbles!

Each box is 3 litres, meaning 10-12 glasses of juice depending on how big your glasses are!